Why Anavar is good for Women – Anavar and Weight Loss

Introduction –

Anavar is widely popular amongst women as it is more effective on them. It is practically named as a “girl steroid”. In general terms, Anavar for women is as similar as testosterone is for men. It is a perfect steroid for women. Women are more sensitive than men and they do not need strong steroids as men. Other steroids are quite harsh and show adverse effects with a greater risk of side effects, which can affect their femineity. Anavar is safe for women.


Anavar for off season –

During an off-season cycle, you just need to gain more lean tissue, plain and simple. Most men do not prefer Anavar because of its mild effect, and even if they use it they have to take massive amount to get some results. This can be a little hard on your pocket. However, it is completely different in case of women. Women are more sensitive than men are and they do not require huge amounts to experience its results.

Anavar for dieting –

Anavar shows its magic in the cutting or dieting cycle. Anavar’s first and primary function is to enhance the performance in an individual. It is a fact that women have harder time to lose weight than men do. Men have in built testosterone in their system, but women need additional supplements to help. Anavar gives them an additional push by enhancing their performance, which makes their body cooperate by helping it to lose weight.

Dosages and durations –

10 – 20 mgs a day is a fine dosage for most women. You should always start with a lower dosage and increase with time and patience. Anavar shows its effects in 4 – 6 weeks. You can still continue for 8 weeks for better and satisfactory results.

Possible side effects –

Every anabolic steroid has their set of side effects attached to them. Anavar has the least risk of side effects, but a small percentage of concern should not be ignored. Some of the most common side effects are mentioned below:-


  • Virilisation
  • Deepening of voice
  • Clitoral enlargement
  • Increase in body hair

Not all these mentioned side effects will occur. It just means there is a slight chance. Any of these side effects when experienced should be immediately checked with a doctor. You should discontinue the usage of the steroid and restart only after consultation.

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