Anwar (Oxandrolone) – Safest Anabolic Steroids For Both Men And Women

There are many weight gain solutions available in the market for men and women. Anavar Oxandrolone is one of the best suggested solutions for oral consumptions. It is also known as anabolic steroids.  It is basically used for children, in order to enhance their physical growth, and for adults to give them relief from any bone ailment.


Manual to follow

It is always good to follow the prescription given by your physician. The basic dosage includes 2 to 3 times in a day, but it varies from one person to another according to your body fitness. With the help of the right dosage and cycle, you will be able to experience an outstanding performance within not time.

It will increase your body muscle in size and enhance their flexibility. Anwar is the well known and safest anabolic steroids when compared to others, and allows adequate power to build body muscles without injury.

Unlike the other sources, it is very safe to use and the side effects are very rare to occur. It has the capability to boost the intensity of nitric oxide in the body type and maintain the protein level. You can also refer some user photos online for your reference, to see the benefits it offers, and can read the reviews of the user to get more information on it.

Prefer the prescribed doses for your body

It is recommended that you start with lower dose and check the progress. Later, you increase or reduce the doses as required. The minimal dose to be taken by a man is 50mg per day. Once you find the improvements in your body, start with 80 mg per day. For women, it is good to consume the minimal dose, as their body is sensitive.

Most of the women prefer to start with 10mg per day dose which is considered to be ideal for them. It takes time to get the desired results, and it can be successfully used for longer time, at least for 6 to 8 weeks.



Although it offers amazing results for the users, but it is recommended that people consult their doctors. Unless and until you are fit and off the allergies, there are not chances that you can get the desired results from this steroid. You would not want to risk your life for it, would you? Besides, even while you are on this steroid, make sure that you have regular health check ups.

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